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revy.stryker's activity

finally Indonesian have a representative in a premium tourney. though it's only one person but it's still a big step for the emerging SEA country.

Article 1/5/17, 8:51 AM

can you even mention another name who could pull off a unique presence other than Slacks ? he certainly adds colors to the on-stage and off-stage presence, and also formal or non-formal interviews. humble, professional, yet sassy and hilarious.

Page 1/1/17, 12:49 PM

correction: most winner-sided Dota website ever. Wings won the TI, they deserve the award. besides, how come you say it's chinese-sided when China only got 3 categories out of possible 8 for players and teams ? you don't read the other 5 ? instead I see this judgement is accurate enough and fair in this article, in respect to the whole year.

Page 1/1/17, 12:36 PM

This is a surprise! I'm excited to see Pajkatt drafting and carrying. :D

Article 12/28/16, 7:13 AM

Some players were voicing opinions that a long break is affecting their momentum in playing as a team, where sometimes it's not so easy to just regain back the pace. So cutting down from six to three weeks is a nice decision I think.

Article 12/20/16, 9:19 AM

Just as I thought. :) I was guessing if it's either Kiev or Moscow, and they make it Kiev. But Dendi needs to win something here. At least avoid an early elimination.

Article 12/10/16, 3:45 PM

The thing is, aren't you guys curious as to why is it seems only China that suffers from US Visa ? Is it a language problem ? or what ? Coz SEA doesn't seem to suffer as much. I mean, most of SEA teams have only little to no problem with these issue we saw pre-TI6 (Malay, PH, Korea). While we know that generally they speak better english than China, but many of them were first-timer too, like TNC and XCTN. When a few of them had Visa issue, they quickly succeed at the next interview. And now for Boston too, all SEA team granted the access swiftly with no problem (including the first-timer WGU). It's like.. it's always China who get struck by this. I don't mean to offense, but.. just thinking about what was the problem actually ?

Article 11/29/16, 1:23 PM

Well, for the TI I think Valve will always want it to be held in the US. They want the biggest event to directly contributes to the US economy (including tax payment too). But for Major, they shuffle it from place to place. It has never been the same city since the first time (Frankfurt, Shanghai, Manila, and now Boston). I guess they'll go overseas (again) for the next Spring Major. Maybe CIS city, Kiev or Split or Moscow.

Article 11/29/16, 12:21 PM
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