• Name nam nguyen
  • Location Ukraine
  • Date of birth Apr 1, 1994
  • Primary game Dota 2
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Pretty easy for Na`Vi :D

Match 4/19/16, 7:44 AM

Rebel have chance to win this, small bet for Rebel

Match 4/19/16, 7:42 AM

small bet for Spirit

Match 4/15/16, 8:23 AM

medium bet for DB

Match 4/15/16, 8:22 AM

VG.R could win this. Medium bet for VG

Match 4/15/16, 8:19 AM

Newbee could easily win this, if they dont throw :))

Match 4/9/16, 9:56 AM

Small bet for ATN

Match 4/8/16, 8:26 PM

Ez for Fnatic

Match 4/8/16, 8:21 PM
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