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Dascha's activity

CPC points are similar to something like point/ranking system which is being used in other sports like tennis. if we accept this method as a good method which i personally do, we can't expect to see any kind of even distribution of slots on a worldwide level. like I said exactly like tennis. grand-slams have 128 participants and the first 108 players on the list are automatically invited. they can all be from the same region or same country or even the same city for that matter :))

Article 4/24/18, 5:03 PM

with that logic, lets get rid of the direct invites to TI or the regional entirely and send everyone to open qualifiers... the point that i think you are missing is the goal for some of those teams is just to advance to regionals or only make a name or be seen by bigger teams, and getting eliminated by some of the most accomplished dota players or the last year's defending champion in the first round, hardly seems fair.

Article 8/21/16, 1:11 PM

at the end of the day ...secret did qualify for the regional (and so did VG) and the losers of the whole thing were the teams who were one step away from getting into the regional which btw this whole open qualifier is designed for teams like them

Article 8/19/16, 3:31 PM

"Any team that fails to respect the new roster lock rule will no longer be eligible to receive a direct invitation to either the Major or the Regional Qualifiers, but may still register and participate in the Open Qualifiers." wasn't this part the biggest problem of the last roster lock rule?!

Article 8/19/16, 12:53 PM

I am not a huge fan of this roster lock, like for now...it needs many more real professional teams in order to be really practical and beneficial but I have 2 question : 1- if there is a rule with the goal being "roster stability" , how having a loophole like this help? 2- Did valve really punish EG,Secret and VG ,or the younger teams who tried so hard to qualify for TI and ended up losing to these teams? 1 side note also... right now Secret has 7 people on its roster and no one knows what's going to happen with their final roster for TI... isn't it kind of an advantage for a team which originally violated the roster lock?

Article 6/24/16, 5:10 AM

not really OQ is for young teams not last year's defending champion(or major's defending champion)...Valve should do something about this new loophole, it's the first year of new rules so it's fine but hopefully Valve will come up with better rules, so the teams who have violated the roster lock( or players-universe- in this case) would remain illegible for that event(TI or majors) at least i think that's the better solution.

Article 6/23/16, 8:12 PM

I'm not a Na'vi fan by any means and I think we all agree they are not a real tier1 team...but in the recent games, they only have lost to OG and liquid multiple times and no other team....

Article 6/20/16, 10:07 AM

agreed... Valve should ban the teams who register with a line up and then break it....even through open qualifiers.... open qualifiers are for new players not a bunch of egoistic " veterans" .

Article 6/13/16, 2:17 PM
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