• Name Rexonial Bebb
  • Location Malaysia
  • Date of birth Aug 14, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Eww, they should have put PSG.LGD in group 3 to balance things out.

Article 1/18/19, 11:56 AM

Well, thing is, he already penalized for what he did, I really think the apologize and 50% donation was enough to cover his action and stop from further same antics from happening. The new issue is what the CN Gov did is way beyond the line.

Article 12/3/18, 2:50 PM

Apparently our gov doesn't want anything to do with the Israelite. It's not NIP that's in the wrong here so I think Valve considered that to be the case. It's a pretty sad case.

Article 11/21/18, 2:20 AM

xnova changed his nationality? lel

Article 9/19/18, 4:10 PM

That's a perk for not being a Major/Minor you numskull. Why do they need to justify their invites? This event brings no impact to the DPC ranking/season so they can just invite any team that they 'think' can make their event much more livelier.

Article 9/19/18, 4:03 PM

2 slots for SEA is understandable because there're barely enough good team to compete on a grand stage such as a major but 2 slots for SA? What other teams can bring the game in a major besides Pain? That 1 slot should be given to the runner-up of the minor.

Article 9/7/18, 4:28 AM

Pretty sure you don't know what wild card is.

Article 6/13/18, 5:59 AM

Counterparts only? In Dota2, it's only beneficial for the mids to study their counterparts because they are the only possition to play against their counterparts. During the laning phase, pos 3 is up against Pos 2+4/5, not their counterpart. Pos 4/5 is up against all(roaming) so they must study all not just their counterparts. Although you must mean he was studying about the warding spots. Anyway, I remembered a player said that the current Dota2 is less about the consistency of the players but more about how they can be flexible. Since the meta is changing every 2 weeks. So I think it's better to better yourselves with the ever-changing meta rather than spending more time on studying your counterparts.

Article 6/10/18, 2:33 PM
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