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sammimawon's activity

Still not completely wrong, nor completely right. EG (3rd) is the highest place team left from TI6, since both Wings (1st) and DC (2nd) are already disbanded today

Article 12/5/17, 10:05 AM

Wow man so salty you are with your shitpostings. You talked shit about me without even know anything but wild guess, clearly you must be talking about yours. Watch true sight ep.3, even zai underestimated coL and got destroyed. Surely rtz & sumail got their head in the game in group stage and scrims, but they didnt have to worry because no elimination at that time. But anyway I'd like to see the interviews you talked about. Any idea where to watched it outside live broadcasting? No luck with youtube & twitch vids

Article 4/29/17, 2:07 AM

Well people need to stop laughing at EG's performances in group stages. Suma1L and RTZ never took group stage very seriously anyway. Good thing for EG since other teams had a hard time to judge EG's actual performance level until they meet them in main stage. Better remember to ban zai's IO before he borke his keyboard and you would have to pause mid teamfight lol

Article 4/28/17, 8:36 PM

While being effective in winning games, I think IG's magnus-jugg autopick strat is super boring. Or maybe the patch is the reason?

Article 4/27/17, 2:27 PM

This seems fun! Imagine these challenges: - kill roshan but leave aegis for enemy team MB 30,000 - pick blue (or another color scheme) hero only MB 25,000 - not upgrading crowd control (slow, stun, hex etc) skills or using the active from items (orchid, diff, scythe, etc) at all in a game MB 50,000 - destroy every trees in the map at least once MB 15,000 (+30,000 if using only QB, talon, BF, or tango) - chen's persuation: use holy persuation to each type of NC at least once MB 5,000 - 1 hit rampage - no TP - no fortification - no courier - "water is lava" (dont touch the river) - no talent upgraded for all 5 heroes used - "walk the road" (dont use any item or skill for blinking/force/jump etc)

Article 2/22/17, 4:35 AM

If i'm not mistaken, Ana was the player who was too busy playing Monkey King outside tournaments, while SumaiL (whose skill is already superior to Ana) was perfecting his mid heroes among other roles. Got outplayed by EG in most of the games is what he kinda deserve. There may be a day when Ana would show stellar plays but today is not that day.

Article 1/23/17, 3:36 PM

It's semi-finals for upper bracket mate

Article 1/22/17, 1:48 AM

GGWP OG. This is the better squad than the first. Now OG cant be happier after 'trading' miracle- for jerax. Man that jerax. Best position 4 player nowadays

Article 12/11/16, 3:32 AM
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