• Name John Smith
  • Location Norway
  • Date of birth Dec 2, 1992
  • Primary game StarCraft

ouchast's activity

I highly doubt they make Starcraft 2 with the core gamers like you find here in mind. Their priority number one I believe is making money on their product. Thus, the product will be more concentrated on the big mass, and not a smaller core of hardcore gamers. Thus we might see a lack of more advanced features, and the implementation of making the game "simpler". As I think that will draw the most customers. I don't state this as facts, more like just a thought. Correct me if I'm wrong here. Edit: Sorry, forgot I went off topic. So I guess I'll have to add something about the new patch. I have yet a conspiracy (I don't really belive it, but it makes up for all the ones claiming Blizzard are killing the bnet scene etc) and that is that they're trying to get new gamers into the original Starcraft before the initial release of the successor.

Blog 12/23/08, 2:01 PM

Good game, but there are these elements I miss from SC1. Like, bigger armies, and the battles was more interesting I think.

Article 12/22/08, 4:14 PM

Ensuring that the SC1 is obsolete by the time SC2 reaches the market? I don't know, lol. Weird thing is, that the issue could easily be fixed by 2 minutes of coding. Why haven't they done it?

Blog 12/22/08, 3:36 PM

Good luck Draco!

Article 5/22/08, 11:37 PM

Good to hear. Silly hackers. Though, there really should be a zero tolerance towards hacking. A hacker can't say "I didn't know I could get detected, so please forgive me. If I knew I would get caught I would never do this". Not sure if that's what going on now, but it seems like someone her is mentioning something about it. Anyway, always good to hear you haunt down the hackers, they're scum.

Article 5/1/08, 1:23 PM

One from Norway :) Great!

Article 4/22/08, 5:09 PM
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