• Name joseph ink
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Jan 27, 1990
  • Primary game Dota 2

vrvink's activity

lol ryor support and dj replaces him in #3 how many times have you watch ryor in oflane and DJ in oflane that you made a comparison dj is better at 3 lol.. dj is a mid player nor it would be wasted if nhe go to support the way mineski played last group stage 1,2 and 3 is much secured supports is in par in terms of performance jesie have a big hero pool as a support while julz is limited but his positioning as a support is the best so if ther would be a roster change in mineski i think its in the #1 or 5 u can change hard hitter anytime as long as ur 4 players is solid and same goes to hard support as long as 1,2,3,4 are solid

Article 11/17/15, 4:46 AM

china have really the best league to breed quality dota when you have that quality teams around the scene its all about moving forward and improve if you watch china vs china its all quality match like all well calculated and preparedness.. NA and EU might have dominated the past and when it come to china vs EU sometimes china getting surpirsed cuz they take for granted teams outside china and EU/NA had a lot more tournaments on their hands but i think this kind of tournament is all bout having the pressure and no pressure at all DK last TI was probably the best team and all had prepared for them so as SECRET this time.. they said the meta was back infavor of china cuz its 4 protect 1 carry again lol is a stupid reason cuz its also accepting you cant beat china on theyr style of play.. CDEC is taking the path of NEWBEE unknown team less pressure + they already know how to deal with other chinese teams.. EG approach to DAC also n1 thought theyr going to win it... if its going to be chinese vs chinese i might bet on VG bcuz probably they were the best in china

Article 8/8/15, 1:20 AM

haha that was funny tho probably i looked at all the article him always commenting about if god picks qop its gg just bcuz VP wins vs the team to bet hahaha .. but i almost bet in VP luckyly got shity guts

Article 8/8/15, 12:43 AM

shit ur right gods qop is gg

Article 8/7/15, 10:05 PM

rave will probably qulify in RSEA 2 slot for pinoy team is enough consider the stature of pinoy teams atm..

Article 3/18/15, 5:05 AM

gago haha.. wla kinalaman ang malasian dota team sa milf or bbl nyahaha ung gobyerno siguro nyahaha

Match 3/13/15, 6:01 AM

this must be..

Article 11/6/14, 12:19 AM

G be like huehuehue

Match 10/24/14, 2:55 PM
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