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Am I the only one that thinks it's quite fun with these guys having their "feud". I don't mind the drama and excitement and the "bad manner" as long as it's not totally excessive and as long as it doesn't get physical. The odd cheap shot in the first 30 seconds of a game and a taunt at the end I think is fine :p

Article 6/6/11, 2:07 PM

Go go go Jinro! :) Uniting us foreigners in a push for victory ^^

Article 12/8/10, 9:20 PM

• Fixed nuke dot not being visible all the time. I KNEW IT! My friends said I was crazy, but I could swear it didn't always appear ^^

Article 12/4/10, 9:20 PM

#7 I think a lot of people whine, but the fact is that in a competition with big money, a BO3 should be done because it is a far more accurate account of how good a player is. Often I've been cheesed or just beaten by something weird in game 1, and then come back and won the next 2 games because the other player just had 1 silly gimick and no real skill, and once you can account for that you just overpower easily. When it's a big competition - with big money - they should make the games meaningful. Just my opinion though.

Article 11/27/10, 10:42 AM

#2 Need a hug? Great competition as always, loved the commentary by Day9 also, he's a legend =]

Article 10/18/10, 3:43 AM

Stop all your whining, I like that they are trying new things, SC:BW took years to become the game it did, so just go with it. I think adding Supply Depo to Barracks requirement is lame though. Also, taking away the energy bar on the Corrupter is pretty crazy. I think it's a buff because they can't be fedback now, but at the same time, I used to build 4/5 corrupters early on, build up their energy, then use like 20-30 corruptions onto the entire enemy army, fungal growth, and pick it to pieces with roach/hydra. It was incredibly effective and I can't do that anymore. It changes the game a bit for everyone here, and if it turns out it totally sucks, they will change it back. They aren't absolute morons, these guys get paid a ton of money to make these kinds of patch, because they are good at it. So stop all your QQ and just play. The more you play, the more data they collect, the better the balance will become.

Article 10/15/10, 12:36 AM

Great news! :D

Article 10/6/10, 11:38 PM

Geek is Chic! :D

Article 9/19/10, 4:07 AM
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