The title is misleading, to say the least. The team itself is not “out” as in “eliminated” (the most commonly attributed synonym, in this given context) but rather not being able to attend the event itself.

Article 10/18/19, 10:20 AM

What’s with this new, unbearable mobile interface? Can’t you at least allow the option of choosing the old one?

Article 5/24/19, 4:30 AM

It seems the author of this article (and most of’s recent ones) only responds to comments against she has a proper defensive or explanatory reply. This, right here, proving she has no clue what a reverse sweep is, will be ignored. Again, the (pseudo) quality of this site’s journalism has gone beyond zero.

Article 5/15/19, 2:08 PM

What were CoL expecting? A Twitch star to perform at the same level as pro players? This monkeys dude is as bad as his name. Here’s hoping Tavo finds some chemistry within the team, he has a lot of potential.

Article 5/15/19, 2:05 PM

A reverse sweep is when one team needs just one more victory to take the series and the other denies them, winning straight head to head games to claim the said series. In this case, it would have been a reverse sweep if Team Liquid were ahead with 2-0 and Team Secret would go 3-2 afterwards.

Article 5/12/19, 10:15 PM

God damn it, it’s hard to tolerate this pseudo-journalism any longer. You’re writing this as if OG were still relevant in today’s Dota 2 rankings. Yes, they’re the International 2018 champions but looking at how things stand at the moment, they’re barely top 10 world. Barely. Also, while i admire how far OpenAI has gone, your headline makes one think that they could really be a contender for this year’s title. No, they don’t stand a chance (hence, all those rules set in place during the game).

Article 4/15/19, 7:11 AM

“Consistent and humbe”... Humble? How were they humble? Were you around everytime they interacted with other people, to record their replies, behavior, attitude and language? Jesus.

Article 4/7/19, 7:19 AM

VP ranked 2nd in the world this season? Based on what criteria? They are no.1 and it pains me to see that your ranking system is still this flawed. Also, one straight good run has rocketed Vici on 3rd place. Bah, forget it, this is a waste of time, just as coming to this site to read anything.

Article 3/25/19, 11:36 AM