• Name Manolito, Jr. Nacua
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Jun 24, 1988
  • Primary game Dota 2

131R4D45's activity

LOL.. after all the sh*t that happens in your country, Chinese people does not have the right to talk at all... Shanghai major is the worst dota2 major in the history of dota.. Bro just breathe a fresh air (if there is any in your country, LOL) so that you can think good..

Article 3/9/16, 3:23 AM

that 9k chrono of vash is the best chrono in dota 2 history.. way better than miracle or any international players.. jessievash is an allien!!!

Match 2/20/16, 3:30 AM

ryor was way better than jessie vash but why ryo got kick insted of vash?? well the answer is because of the relationship of jessievash to the management.. Jessievash is the husband of mineskis manager... this is one of the reason why mineski is not improving...

Article 2/20/16, 3:28 AM

i hope that jessievash will not play in this match.. he is a comppete useless player.

Match 2/8/16, 1:29 PM

EHOME vs Alliance will be a great match!! i'm expecting thiat this teams will go head to head in the finals!! Goodluck guys!!

Article 2/7/16, 11:40 AM

Hoping and praying for fanatic to play well in the tournament.. i'm tired watching the mineski representing the SEA region .. they are always the first team to go home. I hope that fanatic this time will show what is SEA doto.

Article 2/7/16, 11:37 AM

Hey ! Not all Pinoys are like him.. but yeah i agree, he is a disgrace in our race.

Article 2/7/16, 11:33 AM

Anyone here who saw the game??? Did you see how iwo played PA?? That was a complete shit super noob dota.. he is like a jessievash (mineski) version. It is only the tinker who is playing the game.

Match 2/7/16, 11:25 AM
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