will there be streams for live matchs ?

Article 5/12/09, 5:11 PM

rofl he won against draco. gj dreiven. but its a bit weird draco>mondragon>dreiven but dreiven>draco ...

Article 12/3/08, 5:19 PM

there is no stream problem. this is called ESL.

Article 11/27/08, 7:44 PM

no i dont... black screen :P

Article 11/15/08, 3:12 PM

sounds quite good

Article 11/14/08, 10:24 PM

ty i like vodĀ“s

Article 10/12/08, 2:07 AM

:D hehe

Article 6/11/08, 1:30 AM

I wanna see more :D I like this view of a game. You can see what the player does and where he looks or plays in all situations. Very cool. It will be better in english :P

Article 4/24/08, 6:16 PM