Thank you Daigomi :)!

Article 6/2/08, 7:12 PM

Yea, that was unexpected:/. I really hoped that Draco will win... But the games were great!

Article 6/2/08, 1:57 AM

Go Draco <3. You're a winner!

Article 5/27/08, 7:51 PM

This requirements are not so huge. For a two or three years you wont be even able to buy such a weak new computer. Other thing is that probably sc2 would be a game for a next ten years. We will laugh at this requirements then:P.

Article 5/22/08, 6:32 PM

#2 True:) That's what we all are waiting for! GL Draco!

Article 5/22/08, 12:36 PM

Dreiven shown some high skills. Especially his multitasking in the second game. I thought he is going to lose when Mondragon came up with drops... Good games! It was really worth watching.

Article 5/12/08, 6:09 AM