Nice, me like! :)

Article 9/9/11, 11:21 AM

Paranoid Android <3. Probably the only imbalanced map that I can't stop loving. :)

Article 7/16/11, 3:50 PM

@12" thanks, fixed.

Article 7/5/11, 12:23 PM

Yes, Scan is not allowed to play in ISL2. Lastgosu is also know as DGGP, I uploaded one of his replays, recently.

Article 7/4/11, 6:22 PM

You're a good mathematician. :P I made a mistake. It's fixed now. Thanks.

Article 6/30/11, 11:55 PM

Scan knows about Gosu Weekly now, he will come to play next week, probably. ^^

Article 6/26/11, 11:13 PM

There's a guy with a nickname "blackman" registered under the Polish team. I wonder if he's a real blackman. ;) That would be great!

Article 6/25/11, 6:49 PM

#18 I thought of it as of the result of certain factors. From what I know Game insults iCCup on every corner, he didn't set up anything with them but he has a lot of demands instead. I'm not against Game, trust me, I'm just saying that both sides are guilty. And all the things that you mention, Game does not give to iCCup as a gift. He needs that, otherwise the tournament would have a small chance to be a success or even to start.

Article 6/24/11, 10:33 PM