• Name Lukasz Grzelak
  • Location Poland
  • Date of birth Feb 5, 1985
[hnice]Rock is dead. StarCraft: Broodwar is not.[/hnice]

McBat's activity

This isn't enough. Not even close. :S

Article 1/25/13, 11:57 PM

The map pool looks great. :)

Article 10/24/12, 9:39 PM

Old farts still owns. :)

Article 2/1/12, 9:30 PM

Good news. Broodwar kicks ass.

Article 11/24/11, 7:10 PM

"Save the pride of Aiur". I love that part of the news. :)

Article 11/22/11, 7:37 PM

Simply brilliant.

Article 10/30/11, 5:55 PM

The last Broodwar fortress has holes in the walls. That's pretty sad to me.

Article 10/28/11, 6:05 PM

GosuCup kicks ass.

Article 10/22/11, 11:48 AM
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