what was wrong with mirana mid? sumail won his lane in both games!

Article 4/29/16, 2:59 PM

and again PEE PEE DICK went fully retarded mode in draft! weaver pick and giving mvp io bristle ? best drafter my ass !

Article 4/29/16, 2:58 PM

rofl theres a video a grill felt he saw her then he said that brrrrrrrrrbrbrbrbrrbrbrb bravo!

Article 3/21/16, 3:56 PM

im not a fan of PEE PEE DICK and Artrashteezyyyyyyyyyy anymore! wp mvp

Article 3/21/16, 12:35 AM

Rofl PPDick and RtrashTzy god fucked so hard!

Match 3/20/16, 10:21 PM

OG won major because they were underdog team and huskar was OP! and now they just got figured out!

Article 3/20/16, 9:09 PM


Match 3/20/16, 8:11 PM

without io bristle never works against ranged heroes specially against invoker ! and specter pick was stupid

Match 3/20/16, 6:31 PM