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omg it's xoy. wb!

Article 2/4/13, 9:25 AM

first big step in dota 2, let's see if they can finally overcome their trauma with dota... if they also fail here (bad coverage, not paying out prizemoney etc.etc), there'd lose way more than they did with dota

Article 1/29/13, 5:59 PM

and I thought this was just a "I am leaving this shitty site because my comment got censored" :D bye bye

Blog 1/5/13, 1:45 AM

#41 linus for president!

Article 12/30/12, 2:10 AM

fuck I love this guy.

Article 12/5/12, 11:21 AM

I dont like the font/size combination. it makes my eyes bleed

Article 11/30/12, 5:26 PM

empire, fnatic, navi, aL

Article 11/23/12, 6:37 PM

:D ty #1

Article 11/22/12, 11:38 PM
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