• Name Muna Liina
  • Location Finland
  • Date of birth Sep 7, 1996
  • Primary game Dota 2

Munaliina's activity

Should be good series... Hope Black has min-maxed his farming for this new patch and grabs 2-1 victory over Liquid.

Match 5/19/17, 5:48 AM

Can't see TBirds dropping BO3 against coL, tops BO1 with some psychosis draft. Personal odds TBirds 75-25 coL.

Match 5/13/17, 2:35 AM

What can I say... Team Liquid is one of the most inconsistencies team I have been following for a long time. Some times they just roll over 2-0 good teams. Some times they lose to no name teams 0-2. However last few weeks Liquid has not showed off weak games, it feels like they are finally starting to pull off some decent wins time after time again. (Could say that they are in good "shape") Despite this I think EHOME is currently in their finest shape than ever. They are really discipline team: don't necessary make too much yolo plays and often focus on early objectives which I think it is not necessary the case of European dota. While Europeans tend to pick off more Late game oriented teams, I think Chinese often try to take early game oriented team trying to close in games before they even start. While I think its better for Liquid having this tactic if they can outlast EHOME, but I don't necessary see that happening. They (EHOME) are really strong pulling off short games with forced fights where enemy is not in their good team fight shape. I often see Liquid is just not properly reacting to pushing teams, which is what worries me. So keys to victory: EHOME: Outdrafting Liquid with better early game Eleven gets Tusk Kaka gets BH Pulling off some value smokes Liquid: Try not to feed Get some heroes with good wave clear (eg. winter wyvern) Don't let Kaka get BH to accelerate gold income for EHOME Just bail out bad team fights and leave teammates to die, EHOME trademark is to get team fight going their way early. Pick alchemist EHOME 55-45 Liquid These are my feelings and are only based on watching experience.

Match 12/10/15, 6:46 PM

This is going to be a funny coin toss.

Match 12/9/15, 6:02 AM

Hard game to bet. Both are skilled teams and unpredictable because the inconsistencies may occur to whichever team. Basically if both are at their finest TnC should be taking this. TnC has had little time skip before their latest game and that might be the triumph card as of a matter for the deciding factor - towards 123 winning. 123 has shown off good results last 7 days (winning Trust 2-0) - question is can they keep up their phase. Neither team must not be taken lightly - and even the smallest factor can decide the game: like getting slightly out draftet. Betting advice: my personal odds are TnC 57-43 Team 123 If I had to bet I would go small Team 123.

Match 12/8/15, 5:00 AM

Both are good at LAN but I think Empire has shown off as a better team in terms of individual performs this time. You can't count Vega out ever. Both are bit inconsistent but I think Empire is having better time this far. Both are very momentum based teams so I feel Empire has this in the bag, so my personal odds will be Empire 66% - 34% Vega

Match 11/30/15, 8:24 PM

Last 2 months have been a bit inconsistent for PENTA leaving predicting hard. PENTA has better lineup skillwise so: considering game is BO 3 PENTA should be able to take this game purely based on better experience as a team and players. Personal Odds PENTA Sports 65% - 35% Team LDLC White

Match 11/30/15, 4:18 PM

"Past encounters (XctN) 0 - 2 (Kingdom)" - Was forfeit, also despite being forfeit it is over 1 year old record. Personal odds XctN 60 - 40 Kingdom

Match 11/30/15, 12:21 PM
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