• Name Felix Beaudouin
  • Location France
  • Date of birth Nov 19, 1977
  • Primary game Heroes

Deathpact's activity

lol i'm pretty sure the Drow archer we all like isn't named Sylvanus ! TL vs Epunks)

Article 9/26/16, 9:31 AM

Love your work btw !

Article 9/22/16, 10:00 PM

If i am correct, 1996 to 2016 is 20 years and not 10. Sorry nick, you just got much older than you thought ^^

Article 9/22/16, 8:19 PM

Hello Thanks for taking the time to explain. I agree half hafl with the principle though. First it is a Monthly Ranking so it could also make sense for it to be a "who is the best this month" But mainly i think your ranking might need to forget to a certain degree. (Like Tennis players start from scratch every year or maybe having results that are one year old be erased) I mean the team Liquid from today has 0 people from the team it was one year ago. So does it make sense that they are given credit for what other people have accomplished ? Also I woudl point that most probably Team hero would have 2-0 teams like Big gods or Gia that are higher in the rankings because they actually lose often to such high end teams as Mvp and Tnl... Please don't see my post as a negative view on your work. I truly appreciate it a lot. Just giving my pov here. Thx again for answering (i was not even expecting it to be honnest !) Have a good day.

Article 4/8/16, 9:32 AM

Why should Dignitas be lower than Navi and Fnatic, i don't get...

Article 4/7/16, 4:16 PM

The cup itself is too cheap ! And they didn't even remove the price tag under it... it's a shame.

Article 3/7/16, 9:47 AM


Match 3/3/16, 9:26 PM
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