• Name lei zhang
  • Location Canada
  • Date of birth Mar 23, 1990
  • Primary game Dota 2

LeiZhang's activity


Article 7/27/16, 5:36 AM

wings og liquid vgr will be the top four teams!!ALL IN wings!

Article 5/29/16, 5:34 PM

Usually i do not live in the past,for now,A,COL,LGD are just playing shit,that‘s it!And i like this new empire very much,but they are not stable enough,high limitation with high risk.Wings is very talented and very young,18 18 19 21 24,are their ages,跳刀跳刀(blink)is the eldest one.And the same with vgr,yong and talented .Old shit team will never come back,like vg lgd ig A,but navi is now doing well because of the new talent’s joining in.

Article 4/28/16, 6:17 AM

the truth is: lgd is palying like shit! Newbee recently beat vgr and other all teams in china for 2-0 3-0. Hao wrote his Chinese twitter yesterday :wtf!And the same with Chuan‘s Chinese twitter.All dota2 players in China are saying the same word:fuck u lgd,fuck u valve!

Article 4/27/16, 9:27 PM

lgd col A are three pieces of shit,feel sad for empire.

Article 4/27/16, 9:22 PM

empire crashed secret twice,liquid crashed empire 2-0,wings destroyed liquid 3-0,what u want?wings show the highest level of playing dota2 in the big match esl one. those should not be invited are lgd(playing like shit),col(playing like shit) and A(only knowing rat,and then playing like shit).empire and navi are showing the newborn power,but empire was not invited,feeling sad about this.

Article 4/27/16, 9:20 PM

old shit team like vg(not vgr) lgd ehome can just disband,cndota is not dead,the one which is really dead is old shit cndota.

Article 4/25/16, 8:53 PM

it is true,ACE is a piece of shit,but it is ok for wings,because valve never give a fuck to ACE,now wings is very strong team winning the event hold by valve,and if wings play well valve will directly invite wings to the major and ti6

Article 4/25/16, 8:50 PM
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