• Name Sebastian Schulze
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth Sep 7, 1982
  • Primary game StarCraft

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sry then. All creds to you (;

Article 3/25/13, 3:14 AM

nice to see you creating a coverage as well here hawaiinpig (; Keep up the good work!

Article 3/24/13, 4:49 AM

#12 dont be ridiculous. If thats your serious opinion you should probably stop playing. i dont see the point in saying T is underpowered when great tournaments and ladder composition proofs otherwise. If T continues to perform too good, blizz is gonna nerf it, like they have done many times before on each race :>

Article 6/12/11, 3:05 PM

oh i began to miss korean dominance. There was this small window of opportunity when koreans werent ahead, coz sc2 was fresh. But as we´re getting settled they´ll start to top3 every foreign event once again. i love it.

Article 3/6/11, 6:00 PM

#41 agreed.

Article 2/3/11, 8:17 PM

#38 Yeaaah cute Joke, you got me. Still i meant this as a discussion approach.

Article 2/3/11, 7:36 PM

#35 i do agree to some respect, im not just willing to accept the "your not a pro, dont talk about balance" argument, as its easily falsified as showed above. It´s just not like Idra&Artosis know the absolute truth about the game, or anybody does. Im quite willing to respect the skill differences in argumentations, but not to approve to a single minded elitistic approach, that wants us to shut up on all issues of balance. #36 That´s beside my argument. My argument is not that pro players don´t excel the average player in understanding of the game, which they mostly do, but not always, as their are players with great understanding, but not the capability to execute. My point is, that there is no so called pro gamer skill level and therefore the discussion is pointless. You have to draw a line, between those that are skilled enough to talk about balance and those who are not. Where do you draw it? At Master league level? Measured by tournament achievements, and if, by what? I promise you, that you won´t find an acceptable point here, and actually, that´s not what happens. What does happen is, that some guys just self elect themselves for having a relavent opionion. And i just don´t agree to that. Besides: dont start to flame me, i meant this as a serious discussion approach.

Article 2/3/11, 7:24 PM

#31 You´re falling for the basic error to assume, that beeing a better player does make you right in everykind of sc2 related discussion, which is false because beeing less skilled does not harm your ability to think.

Article 2/3/11, 7:12 PM
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