• Name Radu Agafitei
  • Location United Kingdom
  • Date of birth Dec 4, 1986
  • Primary game Dota 2

antipat1q's activity

ita because the 3 slots NA got from valve...

Article 6/15/18, 11:56 AM

the thing is the title says its full EU line-up..dont really care about where they reside or smt..its just wrong saying its full EU..but nvm

Article 2/8/18, 10:34 PM

is jordan lately in EU region?!?!

Article 2/6/18, 5:46 PM

they're not owned by the same holding comp for some time now..and i don't think its about navi getting the points...i think its the fact that there was an era when navi could've poach every good player out there but now things have changed VP(in the CIS at least) have the upper hand on poaching any good player..i dont think Lil into navi is gonna work that well as long time ago was some bad blood between sonneiko and him...rodjer was a big thing for Navi and now its a blow for them..i just hope both qualify for TI and get some podium finishes...cause if navi fails this time the next thing would be NoOne going to navi dendi china

Article 2/1/18, 6:54 PM

i think last year sea had 2 invites if im not mistaking....in my opinion should be 2slots eu 2 slots cis 2 china 1NA 1SA and 2 SEA

Article 6/20/17, 5:58 PM

they done some match-fixing for a few $$

Article 6/20/17, 1:17 AM

ok why the hell there is only 1 slot for CIS and 3 for SEA ?!?!? they barely got 3 teams or so-called teams to fill in the slots..its unreal how Valve deals with this sh1t..for SA i understand to give 'em 1 slot as half of the good players out there are banned from valve but still CIS region deserve more...

Article 6/19/17, 10:47 PM

people voted for navi because the whole format is just dumb....we still dont get it why dont u split EU from CIS..u got so many good teams let them battle away for more than 1 spot..NA SEA they barely find 6 teams to fill in the slots

Article 5/22/17, 7:37 PM
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