• Name Pablo Cesar
  • Location Peru
  • Date of birth Jan 22, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

underthunder's activity

gosugamers pls fix the score secret won the 2 games FailFish

Match 2/1/17, 1:00 AM

is funny that a year ago ppl were always a new patch is like LOL now is over, OMG and then nothing more just NAVI is back, RTZ and EE babayrage, etc. idk why you lose your mind, remember there is the nerfs and changes and valve is not blizzard btw, they dont make games anynmore their main business is STEAM, a international platform for video/pc games with your own acount, if you think CS GO and Dota are their main business is not compare to how much they win in sellings games around the world and thats why dota is so big cause they are not like LoL that need tot ake control of all tournaments and if one day CS GO and dota falls, they still have STEAM and still they will win their hundreds of millions

Article 4/25/16, 10:56 PM

If is a shooter like CS GO yes, for competitive maybe, when the VR cost like 1/5 of the current price, but for now the tech is very green more years to develop and it will become MAYBE something useful for the competitive scene and games

Article 4/12/16, 5:17 PM

Is starladder man what you expected.

Article 4/12/16, 5:37 AM

All the teams in CS GO will kill for one spot and nobody will accept 2nd place all for 1st place

Article 3/31/16, 12:07 AM

Nothing to be surprise, is the rules of the tournament guys, if they already won the spot the tournament cant kick them, doesnt matter if they change players or playing bad, is the org who won the spot in the eyes of the tournament,not the players.

Article 3/30/16, 10:09 PM

CS GO ON MADNESS MODE 1.5 million first time they got a prizepool like that.

Article 3/30/16, 10:06 PM

i prefer no favourites, makes a game more exciting, makes the teams believe there is always a chance, like ppl said "hope is the last thing you can lose", that game forget shanghai lets see what happen and enjoy XD

Article 3/14/16, 4:39 AM
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