• Name Vedant Patil
  • Location India
  • Date of birth Oct 23, 1995
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Don't worry Bro! It happens. When we don't have a clue what politics is, how it works and when we like to spam our opinions in comments section. Get well soon Brother!

Article 5/18/17, 10:39 AM

I did not said valve anywhere in my statement. Valve should not have any involvement with governing body. It should only be made of team representative from all over the world in every region.(these members can be players from teams or other administrative representative. they should be in particular ratio and in rotation. like if body has 10 members there should be 5 admin and 5 player representatives. and every member will have their representative in rotation as if, Team A has their player representative for 1st year then 2nd year should be admin representative and vice versa. Having valves involvement in these issues will complicate matters as valve will be this ACE organization some years later. As they will think themselves as supreme body.(and believe me, no one would want it. Having unbiased Governing body with team representatives and changing officials will surely limit these problems if not completely stop them.)

Article 5/17/17, 8:39 PM

Esports should also have some universal governing body. In which we should have representative from every region. Where issues like these gets solved mutually by having both parties plead. And have it solved by majority voting from all the member region representatives. Just like all other major Sports have one Supreme governing body, Esports also deserves to have one of their own.

Article 5/17/17, 7:57 PM

People don't think of consequences. As this swiss system might give balanced playoff seeds, it will also definitely give major upsets of the tournament. As every team has to play best of thress unless they win 3 of them to qualify. If 2 good teams face each other anyone can win these best of threes and might upset the tournament favourites in group-stages. Yeah! there is a chance that big teams that many people will consider as tournament favourites might not even make it to play-offs. I think Round Robin 2 game series group stage is more balanced. But I also liked the decision to change major format to swiss system. As it kills repetitiveness of the tournaments and also gives chances to see some new faces on big stages. Yeah! We don't need most balanced formats every time rotating formats for every tournament will keep a great surprise factor as it will be less predictable who can emerge big in the tournament.

Article 4/15/17, 10:44 AM

I think if we fulfill basic expectations then person cant be rejected visa. and there is 2nd reason cause they are invited to participate. I can clearly guess what reasons those could be that they got their visas rejected. I dont think visa issue should be something that can be reacted as unacceptable. If we are going in some other country even if we are invited there, we have to fulfill their expectations. of course that officer in US embassy couldnt have any grudge on these players.

Article 11/29/16, 7:57 PM

Extremely fun Game 1. Cant wait for more action. Go Alliance!

Match 6/28/16, 8:15 PM

is it me or gosugamers ? match was over few hours ago. EG won whole thing already

Match 6/23/16, 10:12 AM

Well whenever I cheer Alliance, they somehow manages to throw the game away.

Match 6/8/16, 7:44 PM
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