Sorry boys, fixerino incoming

Match 3/16/16, 1:17 AM

Rekt top NA squads hard, no kappa

Article 2/22/16, 7:18 PM

Hey Tumult, thank you for your feedback! The nature of the awards is such that it is, for the most part, subjective. People have varying opinions on all subjects and matters, therefore polls are the easiest way to come to a conclusion as to who is the most popular, the least popular etc. While the idea of counting autographs is probably a more accurate way of representing the popularity of an individual, it, for the most part, is impractical and heavily time/resource consuming. For the community contribution we felt that a contribution may be defined in a plethora of ways. Oczosinko, in my opinion, has contributed a great deal to the community by providing funny, creative content in the form of silly YouTube videos about various situations the CS:GO community can relate to, therefore, he has made a contribution to it. Same goes with kn0nker's amazing caricatures that gained a lot of traction because people absolutely loved them. In terms of journalism it was a difficult call, however we decided that all in all Richard had the largest impact on the scene through exposing the aforementioned scandals. If this hadn't been done there would definitely be less conversation about these problems and therefore less awareness, which in this situation is a negative.

Page 1/4/16, 9:04 PM

''Fresh meat!''

Article 12/16/15, 4:06 PM

Ah I see, I just gave a broad and ambiguous description, thanks for clearing that up mate.

Article 12/9/15, 11:30 PM

From what I gathered whilst playing around with it: left click is hand-AWP, right click is deagle. I can see it being used in the future by professionals, especially the left-click, seeing as its accuracy is insane. Will also be good for pre-firing angles and lucky timing shots, seeing as a headshot will kill.

Article 12/9/15, 1:59 PM

Sick video, the beat literally gives me goosebumps each time I rewatch it

Article 12/1/15, 1:26 PM

Would definitely like to see that happen, not sure how lax Valve will be with that, however.

Article 11/25/15, 5:24 PM