ayy lmao, NaCl detected

Article 4/11/16, 10:00 PM

Hahaha, gotta keep them Bugattis safe man!

Article 4/9/16, 4:53 PM

Hey man, yeah they should be, wont be able to give info on roster though as I have no clue on the situation with pyth, but no news that he wont participate so I assume they will be there full blast.

Article 4/8/16, 12:49 PM

Has to be done man, better to chill out for a bit and prioritise health than let it get worse. Hope for both of them to have a swift recovery and be back in the booths ASAP.

Article 4/5/16, 12:24 PM

No doubt. Will be a shame if Na'Vi don't participate at the event though, hopefully they get a stand in going.

Article 4/4/16, 7:06 PM

Truly amazing performance. I am a bit disappointed that it wasn't closer, however to the victor go the spoils.

Article 4/4/16, 4:45 PM


Article 3/30/16, 11:50 PM

Edited maps in, thanks for pointing that out!

Article 3/30/16, 5:38 PM