I don't think it's to do with the fact that it's associated with the government, rather that the government doesn't necessarily have a full and first-hand understanding of how the industry of eSports works. If you dump money into it that doesn't necessarily mean it will take a good course.

Article 7/2/16, 11:42 PM

Seems like the only way it can go is up, based on what you say

Article 6/16/16, 9:57 PM


Article 5/11/16, 11:54 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, apologies for the lateness in replies, I'm out of home till the 1st. All applications have been received and will be processed as soon as I am available .

Article 4/29/16, 12:40 PM

Please PM me your details and I will try my best to find it in the system.

Article 4/26/16, 11:52 AM

We try to handle the applications as soon as they arrive. If you're interested, don't hesitate to send us an app!

Article 4/25/16, 6:54 PM

Going to be interesting to see how he performs after his rehabilitation. Hopefully all is well

Article 4/15/16, 12:22 AM

Malmo has been insane with the upsets, I don't know what to expect anymore...

Article 4/14/16, 5:01 PM