The initial story saw REZ replace friberg on the starting roster, this story outlines the fact that friberg no longer has official ties to the organisation.

Article 8/1/17, 5:29 PM

Fixed last night, thanks for pointing out

Article 4/13/17, 9:23 AM

Exactly right, thank you for pointing this out, has been corrected.

Article 3/15/17, 10:47 PM

Fixed, thank you for pointing that out

Article 3/1/17, 2:11 AM

Having watched that match it was truly heart-breaking man. Especially Train at the end.. All the while I was seriously impressed with just how much improvement the core roster of Astralis brought in terms of keeping their heads in the game + gla1ve's ability to IGL effectively around the roster, Astralis definitely deserved that win

Article 1/30/17, 1:02 PM

Thank you for pointing this out, adjusted.

Article 1/15/17, 5:33 AM

2-0, my bad :)

Article 11/28/16, 12:11 PM

Main issue isn't the fact they can't login through steam anymore for verification purposes, rather the fact that the bots can't distribute skins automatically due to SSA violation. Manual distribution would be severely ineffective and costly in comparison.

Article 7/20/16, 12:41 PM