notail played at kaipi yesterday though , with singsing and the rest of the gang

Article 8/26/16, 4:50 AM

Another OP hero late game . . I would love to see a base race using his ultimate . . or ultimate comeback of all time ,hehehe

Article 8/23/16, 9:14 PM

Kid , you don't know anything , so just close ur mouth , will you? Beat it

Article 8/9/16, 10:51 AM

No, its actually $775 per year the minimum wage . . Because some people there , they work for $2 a day , but with free food and drink everyday already , which is not bad , considering how life works there

Article 8/9/16, 4:10 AM

And the minimum wage is $1900 per year , would you believe that ?

Article 8/9/16, 4:08 AM

I wanted newbee over LGD dang it

Article 4/27/16, 10:14 AM

This is one of the problem that Valve are facing right now, when a tier 1 Team goes to open qualifier , obviously they would dominate and join the regional qualifiers . Feeling bad for the Other Teams for the open qualifier , BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME (-_-)

Article 4/9/16, 3:56 AM

Game 1 last engagement , i was like WOWWWWWWW , So Close . Mennn VG felt devastated they weren't able to close the game .

Match 3/29/16, 12:03 PM