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2nd "eighth and final team" EG??

Article 8/29/15, 6:36 PM

when u are in a real career of winning trophies and prize money like he does, all small things matter in his ability to win the game, he is just doing what he thinks should be done to ensure the team winning the next major tournaments, not only this TI5, which is why he addressed the problem right after theu won TI5, because he doesn't want this problem to drag on.

Article 8/19/15, 3:28 AM

perhaps it is considered normal when Sumail, Fear, and Universe had done the same thing aui did constantly, but the fact is they dont, and aui has to accept the consequences of being the only that does.

Article 8/18/15, 9:05 PM

i wont comment on artour and ppd clashing in the team, since we do not know that for sure yet, however likely that may be. "To touch on the stressful environment I don't think I have ever been more stressed out in my life than I had been the past 3 months. Hell I'm still stressed out trying to deal with all of this ridiculous backlash. The way aui handles his communication and his play made every game feel like the hardest game we had ever played. That could be on the rest of us but I have a feeling it isn't. Either way something had to change because no amount of winning was worth the stress I was going through." "The international is by far the most stressful and most difficult tournament to win. It truly defines the kind of a player you are and it took me a TI to realize I no longer wanted to team with Aui." its true that his naga and techies bans gave ppd a much better drafting phase than it could be and tbh IMO he played well in TI5 overall , but in the it is not lack of skill, talent or synergy that caused EG to remove aui, but the fact that he generates stress too much for ppd to handle and, in ppd's opinion, it does not matter if he won TI5 with aui, he just cant be in a team with aui anymore.

Article 8/18/15, 8:10 PM

well i'm sure charlie yang planned to write "removal of aui was due to lack of teamwork chemistry and incompatible playstyle within the team" somewhere in the EG official announcement soon, until aui himself decided to tweet premptively and telling the whole world how he has became the "victim" of this shuffle and also calling for someone in EG to clarify this ASAP, forcing charlie to make a hasty announcement without carefully thinking about the details of the removal in the announcement. i mean EG is practically doing him a favor doing this early by giving him time to find a new team 2-3 weeks before shuffle deadline, and all he did is cry about it on twitter. ppd had to make this detailed perspective since the public demands it, because telling vague and generalised opinion about the problem will only do him worse than better.

Article 8/18/15, 7:54 PM

"Okay so this has gone past the point of meaningless drama and in my opinion seems to be defaming me and my teammates character/brand. So I'm going to set things straight with my incredibly biased opinion." - ppd's blog he's just clearing the air due to the negativity from public and redditors that could actually harm him and his teammates potentially, and u would bash him for that???? get ur facts straight mate.

Article 8/18/15, 7:40 PM

the fact that PPD choose to still first pick Gyro DESPITE cdec leaving Naga available on the draft, shows how much PPD has outsmarted cdec in the series. He realized that cdec NEVER plays naga before TI5 and picking Gyro there would also somehow block pick gyro (a hero Aggresif owned TI with) for CDEC, securing BOTH Gyro and Naga for EG. CDEC lost their top carry pick, and EG got their most coveted tempo control hero, the battle is already 50% won there from EG, just from the draft itself, he is a genius.

Article 8/9/15, 1:49 PM


Article 7/23/15, 9:42 PM
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