• Name fuck pinoy
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Oct 10, 1900
  • Primary game Dota 2

pinoyshit's activity

no mineski and tnc on participating teams list. the hate on SEA teams is real

Article 3/28/18, 5:46 AM

i talk about him doesnt mean i give a fuck about him duh?? its like saying "i dont care about abed" but you are sayng i care because i say "abed"??? pinoy logic? omg your race is damn stupid and retarded, fucking cancer in sea dota

Article 7/10/17, 5:44 PM

we dont give a fuck about him either, fucking pignoy thinks if he reaches 10k suddenly people gonna admire him? lmfao not in a million years pignoy. hope he gets thrashed in TI

Article 7/10/17, 2:52 PM

wow fuck you pignoy you are obviously have been living under a rock. cant find evidence? LOL look harder

Article 7/10/17, 2:50 PM

holy shit this post is gold, too bad there is no voting system like reddit, else i give you +10000

Article 7/10/17, 10:03 AM

lmao FUCK YOU Siddharth "Gopya" Gopujkar THE INDIAN SHIT EDITOR. do you really think abed is first mmr player without boosting? if you really want to count first player without any regard of how they made it then it is that vietnamese player who botted to 10k. if not, then it is MIDONE who is the true first LEGIT 10k player. go suck that pinoy dick GOPYA. NUKE INDIANS TO HELL

Article 7/10/17, 4:22 AM

your raven is nothing compared to what mushi has achieved, typical pinoyshit :D

Article 1/15/17, 2:47 PM

lmao did you watch truesight? those 2 pinoyshits dont even want to talk what is the problem, how do you solve the problem then? even jimmy agreed with mushi. pinoyshits are just true cancer of sea, stop blaming on other countries. yamateh is a temporary standin from the start and inyourdream has family issues. open your eyes pinoyshit

Article 1/10/17, 2:09 AM
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