• Name Rohan Samal
  • Location India
  • Date of birth Jul 12, 1990
  • Primary game CS:GO
I am Slayer a.k.a rohansamal. I am the moderator of /r/csgobetting with over 50000 active subscribers.

knowcsgo's activity

Sigh, cause they have talent. That's why bet on them and odds were good too. And it's method they are facing. Not liquid

Match 10/15/15, 4:45 AM


Match 10/15/15, 3:50 AM

We won

Match 10/5/15, 6:53 AM

Haha NIP lost

Match 10/1/15, 7:57 PM


Match 10/1/15, 3:16 AM

Easy reason

Match 9/21/15, 6:49 PM

Hahaha what

Match 9/6/15, 4:37 PM

Why is there no value bet. I very much boooohoo

Match 9/6/15, 2:49 PM
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