• Name Niko Saarainen
  • Location Finland
  • Date of birth Jan 17, 1996
  • Primary game CS:GO

Nikkoton's activity

Golden rule

Match 11/12/15, 5:44 PM

Lanminosity no chance. EDIT: Oh its a LAN

Match 11/6/15, 3:07 PM

GOD allu vs Guardian. Got to be interesting.

Match 11/1/15, 8:34 AM

Rofl ez VP.

Match 10/29/15, 6:28 PM

ofc because Titan no chance.

Match 10/28/15, 3:46 PM

ez hellraisers.

Match 10/25/15, 2:58 PM

See how TSM dominated VP? I dont think I even need to say who to bet on :D

Match 10/24/15, 9:42 PM

Rofl the odds.

Match 10/21/15, 6:35 PM
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