• Name Mike Xray
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth May 1, 1991
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Article 10/10/16, 12:23 AM

Link to Envy's blog desn't work for me. Is it me or did russian hackers try to save puppey's face? ^^ No seriously, can someone provide a functioning link?

Article 10/9/16, 11:05 PM

I remember you and your comments from one year ago. There, after every loss of one of your favorite teams (particularly chinese teams), you have been like 'chinese dota still superior', 'chinese teams saving strats for TI', 'western tournament winners only one trick pony's'... and so on. After every loss... I don't know where you took that 'knowledge' from back then, or maybe you are just like 'chinese masterrace' for whatever reason. But now, one year later we all know how TI turned out and that chinese dota indeed was in a deep crysis. (I'm happy that they are back now though). What i want to tell you is that your problem is to exaggerate way to much. Back then the games were just lost because the opponent was the better team. Right now MVP deserved that win, but it definitely did not feel as a pub game to them. I also checked the recent matches MVP and Liquid faced each other in order to verify your statement that Liquid never won. There are 3 occurrences listed (don't know if this gg.net list is complete). 3 times a clean 2:0 for Liquid, including the playoff match at the last major. As I recall the arguments over your comments last year you are not capable to acknowledge straight logic or even clean facts. I just want to ask you one thing. Please don't overstate everything or turn around every fact in order to fit it in your current opinion, but think and reconsider before posting a comment. Would be great. (For the record: If you are not that same guy that was named 'Madamada' and gifted us with these great insights of a stubborn chinese dota fan last year, I excuse myself for this post. The MVP point holds though.)

Article 6/8/16, 11:31 AM

I predict a Chinese winner!

Article 5/18/16, 4:07 PM

Yeah man. And this one guy... is me!

Article 5/17/16, 2:51 PM

I think it will be difficult to have all the top teams within the remaining 6 slots of the tournament (OG meanwhile received an invite as well) considering the qualifiers in each region. The article states that five slots are filled with winners of the regional qualifiers while the other three are direct invites. The ESL ONE Frankfurt event site here on GG.net on the other hand says that only two teams will be directly invited. In either case I don't see all top European teams like Secret, OG, Alliance, Liquid competing at Frankfurt. Especially since none of these teams are part of the qualifiers. All things considered I dislike the invite of Alliance quite a bit as their performance in the most recent occasions did not reach to the top. Please correct me if I'm misinterpreting something of the tournaments qualifier/invitation format terribly wrong.

Article 4/8/16, 1:07 PM

I think you just answered your own question. - They are invited because they would have a hard time to qualify. Maybe it is related to the marketing strategy of the organizers, trying to fill the tourney with most popular teams (regarding the fan base), idk.

Article 4/8/16, 12:48 PM

But was there any better opportunity to form a team, regarding the free agents left on the player market? I'm pretty sure you know more about the CIS region than I do, but I cannot imagine one. And I just learned that they owned the newly formed Avengers squad today. Besides, my first sentence aimed to compliment the lady above more than to add actual input to the topic :P The last sentence holds though.

Article 3/28/16, 1:15 AM
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