#19 nice troll. HoN is getting bigger and bigger every day. During first quarter of 2013 so far, HoN pros earned way more than Dota2 pros.

Article 4/7/13, 9:40 PM

#8: You're right it is smaller, but it's growing every goddamn day. TONS of teams, lots of price money and more and more players every single day. Fucking haters.

Article 4/7/13, 9:38 PM

This will be amazing

Article 4/5/13, 12:36 PM

Mynuts :(

Article 4/5/13, 12:36 PM

Go HoN!!!

Article 4/5/13, 12:35 PM

HoN is now bigger than it has ever been. Your guys memories of it in beta? Very very small. HoN now is huge. +110'000 online at most times and growing fast

Article 2/23/13, 9:32 PM

gz =)

Article 1/5/13, 10:06 PM

HoN is really big in south east asia

Article 1/5/13, 10:06 PM