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  • Date of birth Feb 3, 1995
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Soccer in Europe is a lot bigger than League of Legends in Europe and generally around the world. Besides Schalke as an organization doesn't need publicity. It's like how Jay Chou in Taiwan is making a team for himself or Rick Fox made his own team like among many other NBA figures. Everyone knows that it's a growing entertainment industry. The real question is how serious will Schalke be in terms of investing. The question people should be asking is: Will they simply just sponsor the team with its name and uniform, or will it actually hear the eSports management staff's plea for making larger changes for the new team's success in the team?

Article 5/19/16, 11:32 PM

I'm really curious about what everyone thinks. It's because this is the first time a multimillionaire European traditional sports team buys a relatively large eSports team. What do you guys think will happen and generally think about the circumstance?

Article 5/17/16, 8:53 PM

Simply on terms of professional gaming, she is one of the higher tier players in NA. Not on an comparison level, but on a general level of her gaming standard.

Article 2/7/16, 1:07 PM

As a franchise, she was helping her team in the marketing agendas. However, in terms of performance, she is there as a mediocre support, while it might be the highest level of NA performance of a support player.

Article 2/6/16, 10:39 AM

Team Vitality has to win for my fantasy team.

Article 1/28/16, 2:51 PM

I love the players, not the team. I hope they do well, but with all the other import-centric teams, it's going to be difficult

Article 1/7/16, 12:16 AM

He's not fit for the job anyway. I have no idea how he got the job

Article 1/2/16, 9:59 AM

God bless Quas. You will be miss. Come back when/if you can T.T

Article 12/5/15, 2:48 AM
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