Thought Navi should win.. but i didnt bet so much there :P 0,10 euro

Match 6/30/15, 9:48 PM

I hope Acer wins, but i dont think so :P

Match 6/30/15, 4:08 PM

Close match i think, but Fnatic come win :/

Match 6/30/15, 4:07 PM

HellRaisers has been so fkin bad nEo win

Match 6/30/15, 4:03 PM

Good that i didnt vote on nip, thx for 58 dollars :P

Match 6/28/15, 10:26 PM

He did won her back :(

Match 6/27/15, 10:15 PM

Why Copenhagen Wolves have Denmarks flag when its only 1 in thier team that is from Denmark

Match 6/26/15, 8:48 PM

So fking low odds :( i skip this bet

Match 6/25/15, 3:32 PM