• Name Zarif Khairuddin
  • Location United States
  • Date of birth Feb 22, 1972
  • Primary game Dota 2

Montoya's activity


Article 5/29/18, 12:28 PM

Both Navi and VGJ Storm have to go through open qualifiers. Navi kicked LeBron and VGJ Storm recruited Resolution. And Optic is NOT in SuperMajor. VGJ Thunder is now at #8 with 1935 points. And Newbee is #7 at 2445 points. Getting 1st place at SuperMajor nets teams about 3375 points and 2nd place about 2025 points. If VGJ Thunder or/and Newbee get knocked out early and IF TNC, Infamous, TFT or Team Spirit can cllinch either 1st place or 2nd; they get the invite. Improbable but not impossible.

Article 5/29/18, 4:56 AM

Trump msged Puppey: "Thank you for hacking Shillary's private email. Our business has concluded and I'm not going to pay a single Ruble just as I have not paid my taxes. Get Jebaited." Puppey: WTF! Let's FIGHT. Eat my Headphones. Kappa

Article 10/10/16, 4:09 PM

With Aui in the team now, EG finally has a good Chen player. The mind games during drafting to swap Aui to playing 4 and Fear playing 1 can keep the opponents guessing. I think this will be EG's trump card.

Article 3/26/16, 3:07 AM

After the "Kick Yames" fiasco I said this will be the first and last China will host a Major and a "Douchiedouche" said "LOL, of course China will host another Major. China is to Dota what Koreans are to LoL and SC2. Get out of here with that nonsense." First and last in China for any majors. Evidence overwhelming. How will Gaben "save face" this time? Stop having it in China. EZ GG Shanghai Major biggest fuck up for a 3 million dollar tournament. EleGiggle 4Head

Article 3/3/16, 3:37 PM

Productions in China are horrible. The problems are consistent... WCA, shanghai major.....heck even NEWBEE refuses to board the plane to attend one of the events in China. Chinese prefers to pass the buck; save face than to do what they're paid for.

Article 2/27/16, 9:41 AM

s4 "REIGN in DONG so as not to DIVE Tier 4's with weaver" 4Head PS: 1nd Kappa

Article 2/26/16, 1:38 PM

The first salvo Yames went for was google was banned in China and he couldn't get porn and he had to watch "uncle wang and his wheelchair" going at it...something along those lines. I thought Yames was funny all the way. Between reddit, delays with the games and player complaints; this will be the first and the last Majors being held in China. Serves em right...

Article 2/26/16, 1:35 PM
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