• Name Kuang Eu Tay
  • Location Malaysia
  • Date of birth Mar 15, 1989
  • Primary game Dota 2

fieryeu's activity

I don't think Midone will have a problem. Unlike Mushi and Ohaiyo, he actually got into university and everything there is taught in English.

Article 8/28/16, 3:37 AM

This comments section basically summarizes SEA toxicity albeit a mild one.

Article 8/12/16, 4:29 AM

GG is so slow in updating their news. No[o]ne played on Aloha's account and VP had admitted to this thus leading to their voluntary withdrawal from their further participation in the tournament.

Article 5/31/16, 7:03 AM

The guy had to compensate his comments with quantity for the lack of quality

Article 5/10/16, 3:46 PM

Lol @ Fnatic fanbois boasting about how Fnatic placed 6th in Shanghai Major. Anything after 3rd placing holds no bearings on how well the team is performing; just a mixture of skills and luck. Reminds me of how Rave fanbois used to boast Rave's 5th-6th placing in DAC 2015. What a joke. Don't get me wrong though, luck does play a part in any tournament but it's at a lesser degree in the 1st-3rd placing and with a larger participating teams pool.

Article 5/9/16, 8:17 AM

I think this is a huge gamble on the part of the Malaysian government and also Orange Esports for funding such a mediocre team. Team Taring hasn't got an outstanding performance since their creation in the SEA region. I don't think they would even qualify for ti6.

Article 4/11/16, 6:33 PM

Yes, geographically we all know that. But they are included into SEA tournaments due to lack of participating teams/countries from its region. It's the same with Australia participating in Asian tournaments. Otherwise it would be just between them and New Zealand (there are other Oceanic countries but most are not capable to compete in most competitions).

Article 3/30/16, 1:28 PM

Was waiting for this to happen. Well-deserved!

Article 3/25/16, 4:59 PM
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