Who's Alicia?

Article 4/8/11, 12:47 AM

10 fps in mission 4 :(

Article 3/8/11, 11:27 AM

I quit sc2.

Article 2/26/11, 12:02 PM

#15, oh yeah, definitely. It's not like 3 out of the top 4 of GSL code S were terran or anything, and it's not like it's like that every GSL so far.. You're so right, I wish blizzard would buff terrans, because they are [b][u]OBVIOUSLY[/u][/b] the weakest race. oh wait...

Article 2/8/11, 11:46 PM

*artosis shows the world's smallest bathtub* "Just a normal bathroom.." I loled. :D

Article 1/27/11, 3:00 PM

Removing maps without putting new maps won't really do the ladder any good. The game's been out for quite some time, yet we only have like.. what.. 8 1x1 maps? =/ out of which 4 (3 after jungle basin is removed : Steppes of war, Blistering sands, Delta quadrant) are horrible? C'mon blizzard, get your heads out of your :x. :(.

Article 1/26/11, 9:45 PM

Whoever wrote these predictions - Did you even see the game where Marineking beat Jinro? From that game - my money's totally on Jinro.

Article 1/22/11, 8:57 PM

"- "No [b][i][u]programers[/b][/i][/u] raised any objections and it is hard to say that Jinro was able to win the game due to the soundproof issue," he said." >_>

Article 1/20/11, 9:32 PM