it is lan

Match 11/21/15, 11:58 PM


Match 9/28/15, 8:07 PM

I feel like Dosia has betrayed his country...

Match 9/28/15, 2:04 PM

Why do I think KennyS has something to do with it?

Match 9/28/15, 2:01 PM

When someone says EV is an underdog in Fnatic vs EV match... (insert "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" meme here)

Match 9/28/15, 2:00 PM

snaximus prime op pls nerf

Match 9/24/15, 10:44 PM

no value bet

Match 9/24/15, 11:50 AM

Wow I actually thought TBD was a team xD. U never know with names like "EZSkins" and "We Got Game" these days.

Match 9/20/15, 1:09 AM