ils s'echauffe deja et le match commence ! aller bet annuler

Match 10/27/15, 2:11 AM

Adren really on fire

Match 10/25/15, 3:40 AM

Admin pls ? Pls answer (the game dont move alone and the stream dont start at 16 mn left) so there is an admin here ! And i stop my bet for now so answer fast

Match 10/25/15, 2:43 AM

re open bet pls Smeone there ?

Match 10/25/15, 2:29 AM

I want my bet back, bbecause you give me false info

Match 10/16/15, 4:11 AM

Bad info for map ? hey you can cancel all the bet !! You said dde_train and it's cache

Match 10/16/15, 4:07 AM

hltv said 21h00

Match 10/13/15, 8:05 PM

why is this too slow ? what the problem ?? tell something

Match 10/11/15, 5:24 PM