• Name astarte ...
  • Location Poland
  • Date of birth Mar 16, 1986
  • Primary game StarCraft
http://netwars.pl Dark Lurkers CL there is Polish DL) - Dark Lurkers and Dead Lamy - from Slovakia or Czech Republic. almoust like [IMP] and iMp- ntc: DL)Astarte, kid, pS.oujejou-73 icc: DL)Astarte, astarte euro: orbital experience: magic shrooms, lsd, lsa, thc, gbl, xtc, amphetamine, brown sugar, ketamine, dxm, metkatynon, smoking blends (spice, smoke etc)... icc best: 1/1 C 2/2 B lamer :( ~~## BLACKMAN GOSU, K? <3 ##~~
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