• Name chris Tian
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Feb 15, 1997
  • Primary game Dota 2

chanex1997's activity

w33 play for NIP coz Era is not playing right?

Match 6/13/15, 7:22 AM

Roster of CDEC?

Match 6/9/15, 5:10 AM

Fnatic Got This MUSHI ALL THE WAY!

Match 6/6/15, 7:28 PM

i know there is low possibility that NaVi will win But i go Support NaVi

Match 6/3/15, 3:04 PM

i dont think so haha

Match 6/3/15, 2:42 PM

i bet my life on VICI

Match 6/3/15, 12:59 PM

SingSing Got This

Match 5/30/15, 8:41 AM

Where I can see it sir?

Match 5/30/15, 12:37 AM
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