• Name Hamed Pouresmaeil
  • Location Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Date of birth May 1, 1982
  • Primary game Dota 2

Nagrra's activity

Seems a nice team. Have my doubts on w33 but if there's one person to tame him and ee it's Puppy for sure. Let's see what happens. The 3 new seasonals won't do the coherence of teams any good and the chances of reshuffling would be higher and higher. Matches will be lower on performance level and a lot of more drama to come.

Article 8/22/15, 4:46 PM


Article 8/22/15, 12:58 PM

Kinda agree. But will the elite teams miss other tournaments? If yes. It will affect the prize pool and the willingness of sponsors and spectators to participate eventually. I think adding 3 more seasonals is too much and will backfire eventually.

Article 8/22/15, 12:25 PM

What happens to all the other tournaments? I hope the addition of these 3 wouldn't endanger the existance of other ones. As valve shouldn't be the sole tournament holder IMO.

Article 8/22/15, 11:39 AM

3rd not 3th

Article 8/22/15, 11:36 AM

Shame on you PPD and all the big liars like you. You and Rtz are shames to DOTA community and will pay for it. Masters of lie and drama. Kuro there and Aui here huh?? All bad toxic boys but you and RTZ are fine:))) shame on you. I expected more from fear as a person as I respect him so much but you are all useless hypocrites. Shame

Article 8/19/15, 10:29 AM

Gratz ro EG and specially fear as he deserved it imo. Chinese dota seems so powerful looking at the first 6 teams afterall. But ppd outdrafted them so nicely.

Article 8/9/15, 12:29 PM

Thats just where VP is now. 5th and its so good imo

Article 8/8/15, 2:32 PM
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