ria ria hungária ;o

Match 1/3/15, 5:02 PM

I'd have preferred an infested terran nerf.

Article 9/10/11, 10:33 AM

this brick wall / uber macho cast setup kills me every time.

Article 9/2/11, 10:08 AM

we demand replays!

Article 8/7/11, 11:55 AM

Damn, they fucked CET in the ass again. :<

Article 7/10/11, 11:18 AM

This was horrible. Alson, nice thinking of the CET/GMT audience.

Article 7/9/11, 10:39 AM

4 maps to ban, and only 3 bans accessible. Though decision. :<

Article 6/21/11, 12:13 PM

Ever since zerg has been patched to op u zergs all say that zerg isn't op just the top zerg players got much better. Let's face it, that is totally biased.

Article 6/4/11, 9:42 AM