He will regret posting this.

Article 8/12/13, 4:41 PM

Where can i find livestream of the matches? (if there is any) Thanks in advance. [^_^]

Article 1/30/13, 4:23 PM

Good job.

Article 12/15/12, 11:21 AM

Skipping SMM to join a local DotA (not Dota 2) tournament? I don't know but as the defending champions, that is some serious dick move right there. Can't blame the fans if they call you scared. Think outside the box IG fan boys. The IG we know is better than this.

Article 12/13/12, 2:04 PM

So IG decides to join a local event rather than defend their crown.... and the saddest part is that the announcement was made just a few days before SMM. Come on IG, show the fans that you have the heart of a champion. This year should be the toughest challenge you'll have and you're ducking away? Give the fans what they want. [b]Dota 1 haters would never admit it but they want to see Chinese teams slug it out with SEA and PH teams. [/b] Seriously, you can't blame people for saying IG is scared. Because that's exactly what it looks like. [>_<] [>_<]

Article 12/12/12, 2:43 PM

As the defending champions, IG should attend SMM 2012. We all know how rich IG is so travelling to Malaysia is not a problem. Skipping SMM just to participate in a local tournament does not sound very convincing. If they want to promote their organization and attract more sponsors, then SMM is the perfect venue as there will be live streams and everyone, and I mean everyone (not just those living in China) will stream the games live. I don't want to say this, but I think IG does not want to take the risk of losing to some SEA team, particularly those from the PH. Come on IG, do this for the fans, if not for yourselves.

Article 12/11/12, 2:27 PM

May I know which Chinese teams have confirmed atm? Thanks.

Article 12/6/12, 2:02 PM

Can't wait... will live stream a lot of games. [cool]

Article 12/5/12, 1:09 PM