TH000 lol always good at groups stages but gets pawned hard in the winner brackets... hahaha....

Article 1/23/08, 12:23 PM

omg sweet seems to rape everyone during the group stages, but flunks during semis and finals... btw how did he beat tod?

Article 1/21/08, 1:37 PM

yellow looks like an ugly version of moon, and that goes out skill-wise too... xD

Article 1/21/08, 6:27 AM

wow shadow priest and lion? kinda weird picks imho, but still mym pawns! when these two teams meet, its all a matter of which one is more mentally prepared, since both are at same imba level...

Article 12/11/07, 4:51 PM

i'd say mym's magnus + leshrac + qop combo will take this...

Article 11/29/07, 7:08 PM

is #14 really grubby? if so then i believe everything you say, gj man!

Article 11/21/07, 10:33 PM

lyn playing god lately.

Article 11/17/07, 5:06 PM

sweet pawned.

Article 11/17/07, 5:05 PM