• Name Juan de la Cruz
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

mysassyelf's activity

An extremely entertaining series. Plus, the Slark comeback and bkb CM game was really intense. What is the prize money for winning the SEA qualifiers anyway? Or is it just a ticket to the finals in Kiev? :)

Article 12/18/14, 7:32 PM

Surprisingly, everyone is acting mature and most comments are wholesome and objective. This rare item giveaways is doing wonders! :)

Article 9/10/14, 6:35 AM

Caring for players does not mean keeping someone who constantly drags the team down. Mineski and those familiar with professional esports know this. Jay-Bimbo was an exceptionally good player, but he completely fails as a captain. He is terrible at drafting, does not ban heroes which opposing teams are good at, and prioritizes making plays above everything else. It was under Jay's leadership that Mineski was at a record-breaking losing spree and there were no signs of any improvement. Something needed to be done and I consider his departure a step in the right direction. I stand by Mineski's conviction, DISCIPLINE > INDIVIDUAL SKILL, although having both is never a bad thing. Just my two cents.

Article 9/10/14, 6:30 AM

Please tell me there's a cash prize for the 1v1 Solo Championship match.

Article 7/8/14, 6:05 AM

Yes reading is hard. Go read LGD's statement again.

Article 3/17/14, 3:57 PM

Judging from his English, he's probably a poor-ass pinoy troll. He hasn't bought any key from Valve, ever, and relies purely on item drops after games. True story.

Match 1/15/14, 3:48 AM

G.J. Startale for making it this far. You will only get better, keep it up. This interviewer talks like McLovin.

Article 12/28/13, 7:28 AM

I'm pretty sure CocaCola is paying Jay to flaunt that 1.5 liter coke. He was even shown drinking it after they won vs. Titan. Plus, he also has pictures where he was holding a coke in can and a 1.5 liter coke. Pretty clever for coke, but this kind of secret advertisement is banned in real sports like soccer. GJ cocacola! :)

Article 12/28/13, 2:58 AM
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