With all due respect to GosuGamgers staff, honesty requires me to say that these TI reports have been falling short to say the least. There is no genuine analysis of either picks, plans and in-game execution, nor any summary of what the games at TI 9 mean for Dota 2's meta -- whether the 'TI specific' meta or pubs. Everything looks very rushed and superficial and I have to turn the GosuGamers' competitors to get even the general shape of each game.

Article 8/24/19, 4:36 PM

" Just over one month ago, w33 stepped away from Chaos E.C and competing to work on his mental health. " *Mental health*, really? This connotes very serious (i.e. psychatric) issues. Are you sure this is what you mean?

Article 6/21/19, 12:21 AM

My pleasure! Thanks for the article and have a pleasant Ti8

Article 8/19/18, 9:01 PM

No, misinformation does not apply -- in the relevant sense. All players/teams know all too well that the only legitimate source for information is the organizer of the tournament, i.e. Valve, which clearly presented the rules to all players/teams. Besides, it was obvious that any 'information' not issued by Valve's, i.e. the 'information' provided by the PGL employee, was not relevant information in the first place -- especially if inconsistent with Valve's information. I mean if VG. Storm had asked by little sister for allowing 2 coaches during draft, it would still not count as relevant misinformation.

Article 8/19/18, 9:01 PM

Hello, Sorry to bring up this semantic point but in English 'misinformation' (a term which occurs twice in your article) means or connotes misleading or deliberately insufficient information. But as is obvious from your report, there was no misleading or deliberately insufficient information, but simply misunderstanding and/or slight oversight from VG.Storm. Perhaps replace 'misinformation' with 'misunderstanding' and adjust?

Article 8/19/18, 1:30 PM

I think you guys nailed it. You have a clearer mind that the folks at Riot.

Article 12/5/17, 4:04 PM

Clown9 forever. Picking up players and releasing them after 1 tournament looks so despairingly silly.

Article 8/24/17, 9:48 AM

Sure but phrases like this one help people forget that fact.

Article 1/9/17, 6:53 PM