• Name Adrian Dela Cruz
  • Location Saudi Arabia
  • Date of birth Feb 16, 1990
  • Primary game Dota 2
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Hi kiddo. First of all, Na'vi roster was picked/scouted by the organization. Why them? Because they focus more on personality rather than so-called genius or pubstar. And FYI, some of them are veterans already. Check if for yourself. 1. Vega was so much better in their old roster with: No one. Solo. Cema. Pasha. Mag where they win ESL New York. G is good in mid but he can't keep up with others in his recent team. Too bad for him. 2. They are good players on their own time. But its up to them if they want to go back to pro scene. You can't please them to play. Kappa. 3. Team Liquid hater spotted. Just be happy with them not because 3 of their players are 9k MMR-god. More team game not MMR game? They are Tier 2 CIS team as of now. 4. AdFinem are impressively good but I dont think they will get direct invite that easily. OG, VP are more qualified for direct invite in VALVE future events. PS: FeelsGoodMan.

Article 1/10/17, 4:45 PM

Yee Fung 'Mushi' Chai - 1/2 Muhammad 'InYourDream' Rizky - 1/2 Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Koo - 3 Yongmin 'febby' Kim - 4 Wei Poong 'YamateH' Ng - 5

Article 1/5/17, 2:56 AM

Sub issue, Visa issue, and now Replacement decision. You fucked up Valve. You haven't even release the group-stage bracket. We are 3 days away from starting your shit tournament. Good job Valve. More Big Events coming on Donald Dump country. "Lets Make America Great Again" by not entering foreign people.

Article 11/30/16, 4:12 PM

They have to drop out WCA to make up for the conflict. and fuck 32hrs flight. FeelsBad for them but organizers wouldn't reschedule just for them.

Article 11/6/16, 10:11 PM

I will miss Puppey's Rage.

Article 10/29/16, 8:55 PM

You will be missed SingSongPingPong. I hope you will be back on Pro Scene. Kappa

Article 10/29/16, 5:16 PM

RAVE vs MVP.P =a match to be watch in this SEA qualifier. I go for RAVE.

Article 5/29/15, 5:05 PM

Gaben like.. "GIFF ME POWER".

Article 5/29/15, 10:03 AM
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